GFS Chemicals' Corporate Capabilities based in Columbus, Ohio.



As science advances, so does GFS Chemicals.  We are committed to the ongoing development of technologies that are critical to chemists and material scientists of all disciplines.  Answering the challenge of addressing increasingly stringent material requirements is what makes GFS Chemicals a valuable partner to our customers.  With over 90 years of expertise in chemical manufacturing, GFS has built a reputation of being a flexible, agile, and service-oriented producer of critical raw materials for a wide array of markets and applications.

Organic Specialty Intermediates


  • Alkyne Synthesis
  • Specialty Olefins
  • Active Organometallics (Mg, Na, Li)
  • Halogen Chemistry (Cl, Br, I)
  • Protection/ End Capping (TMS, THP, Boc)
  • Hydrazine Chemistry
  • Silanes and Silyl Intermediates
  • Phenanthrolines, Bipyridines and Porphine Ligands


Organic Specialty of GFS Chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals and Catalysts, inorganic chemistry, strong acids


  • High Purity Acids
  • Oxidation & Catalysis
  • Perchloric Acid and Perchlorate Compounds
  • Rare Earth Salts and Solutions
  • Anhydrous Bulk Reagent Chemicals
  • Lithium Compounds
  • Periodic Acid/Iodic Acid and Salts
  • High Purity Inorganic Chemicals and Single-Phase Materials


Inorganic Chemistry GFS Chemicals Solutions

Inorganic Chemicals and Catalysts


  • Watermark® Karl Fischer Reagents, Pyridine-Free, and Pyridine Based
  • Veritas® Trace Metal Acids
  • ACS Reagents & Analytical Solutions
  • AA/ICP/Ion Standards
  • Dyes & Indicators
  • High Purity Salts and Primary Standards
  • Buffers & Volumetric Solutions
  • Sorbents & Solvents for Chromatography
  • Amco Clear® Turbidity Standards
  • Inspec® Spectrophotometric Standards

Analytical Reagents and Solutions, GFS Chemicals

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